6 week virtual summer camp

GBP 23.99

Imagination Camp is a wonderfully fun and engaging resource for ages approximately 3 to 9.

6 themed weeks of activities, imaginative play and creativity with materials lists, storytelling videos to watch, imaginative play videos to kickstart play and detailed activity plans! 

Everything you need for a playful and creative summer with kids, with reduced screen-time!

For each themed unit you will be able to access:

  • a video to show to your children of me reading the key story and introducing the imaginative play idea for that week.
  • clear planning to download, print and use to get everything prepared 
  • an imaginative or immersive play prompt to kickstart the theme
  • a list of journal prompts for their Imagination Camp journal 
  • a book list to inspire further learning 
  • fun learning prompts to dive into
  • 5 themed activities with clear materials lists and directions 

Come and share your highlights in comments thread which will be ongoing throughout the summer.

Can't wait to see the wonderful fun you all have together! Take plenty of pictures!