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Tell Me More About From Screen Time to Play Time!

The course is hosted by Anna Ranson, founder of the multi award-winning blog The Imagination Tree, a former Early Years Specialist Lead teacher and now a play consultant for PlayLab, a parented membership site.

Lately, I've heard from parents in my community that more than ever before, they are struggling to engage their children in play and creativity. An incredible 95% of them identified that excessive screen time was the root cause of the problem!

When screen time dependency leads to less play, it’s time to take action as we all know that play is so crucial for our child’s well being and development.

So I decided to run this mini course to provide parents with easy, actionable steps that they can put into place right away to start seeing positive changes in their homes. Let's claim that play back together!

  • The Imagination Tree

    “So the first thing I did was an invitation to play! 5yr old was engrossed for 1hr 30. She added playmobil herself and set up a lemonade sale! 💖”

    Portland, Oregon

  • The Imagination Tree

    “I started putting some of these ideas into practice the moment I finished the video, and it really works. I cannot believe it! Thank you so much xxx”

    Melbourne, Australia

  • The Imagination Tree

    “Oh my goodness, thank you Anna! All 3 boys are now CHOOSING to play instead of be on their screens!”

    Bath, England

When will Screen Time to Play Time be available to watch?

Part 1 will be available Friday 7th May

Part 2 will be available Saturday 8th May

Part 3 will be available Sunday 9th May

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